PHD. Farzad Fallahian

Business Development Manager

PHD. Farzad Fallahian

Business Development Manager

Welcome to the official website of PHD. Farzad Fallahian

I have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of business development management and work with expertise and experience with the largest companies in the field of electricity and telecommunications in Iran and the design and business of the organization and investment analysis in B2B-B2C and B2G structures.

I was born in Abadan in 1978 and spent my primary education in Abadan and Shiraz until I got my diploma.

I have been living in Tehran for the last few decades.

I received higher education up to the PHD level in the field of information technology, business management and media management.the last 10 years I have been regularly traveling to work and study in Armenia.

I have authored 2 books in the field of telecommunication engineering and more than 1000 teaching hours in universities and higher education centers are described from my work and scientific experiences. Previously, I was interested in reading books, especially in the fields of dynamism and mecanism of survival and growth, and architecture and engineering, along with foreign novels from literature such as Edgar Allan Poe and Iranian literature, and usually I was reading any of the them that I could.unfortinately, in this period of time I have less time for reading books, but besides swimming and activities related to contemporary artists in the field of experimental arts, reading is prime interest for me.

I also like searching, like to know diffrent kind of things , like to know new thing and, e.g I like to try new foods, new organizations, new projects At the end, its my honor that you visit my web site, you can read full description about me on my resume in this site.




Professional and Scientific Achievements

Cooperation with the biggest Electricity and Telecommunication Company


in Iran (Sa-iran- Sa-Shiraz) for 11 years in the case of B2B-B2C and Government


Management of the national project- short message service centers- and telecommunication Value Add Services (VAS) of MCI operator


Management in governmental fields of business development, marketing
telecommunication VAS for 10 years


Management of accelerators and start-ups in different marketing fields


Management in technical fields of mobile and land line operators of Iran


Management in the field of smart city and M2M (IOT)


Management in the projects of bulk, interactive, and payment


Association in 25 projects of Information technology in Iran


Management of innovative centers (Fintech and Nano)


Publishing 5 articles in journals and conferences (4 scientific research articles)


· Editing IT service standards in Iran


· Publishing 2 books in the fields of Telecommunication Engineering
and IT Engineering


· More than 1000 hours of teaching in universities, colleges, and workshops

Courses and certifications
Certificates in the fields of GSM, LTE, 5G. ClOUD-CDN-OTT and Mobile Network Design
E-Commerce Designer + CIW in marketing E-TOM and ITIL
PMD - MSP, Network and security, CCNA, CCNP, and CCNE
· Entrepreneurship teaching and institutes' management
Professional profile of the last 20 years

 Senior expert in market research of Shiraz Electronics Industries  (gasometer, electronic billboards, etc.) (2001-2002)


Senior expert in Information systems of Shiraz Electronics Industries- Jolfa scheme (2002-2004)


Strategic programming and operative program advisor in Ministry of Cooperation (2005)


,Attendant of organizational Value Added Services (VAS) in MCI-Mobile Operator (Business Plan, Contract Preparation, Create Marketing Team (B2B , B2C), etc.,) (2013-2015)


Manager of the national project- SMS- in MCI (2004-2011)


Editing team advisor and operator of Azad university strategic program (2010-2016)


Policy-making in industrial development of Iran's Information and Telecommunication Technology (employer: Iran's Telecommunication Research Center), (2011)


Expert of design project in Telecommunication Industry and Technology (employer: Iran's Telecommunication Research Center), (2013)


Policy-making advisor of Investment Development in Electronics and Microelectronics of IDRO group (administrator: NimehadiEmad), (2014)


Strategic programming advisor in management consultant company, Dorsa Andish (2016-2019) 


 Management of net-get, map-plus, and chat-bot in MCI Deputy of Customer Service (2015-2019)


Advisor of structure and process designing team in Iran' telecommunication center(2016)


Advisor in the project of engineering and re-organizing industrial  managers' association(2016)



Scientific Association and Services

Member of judges' association for national conference articles and international management


Member of science association and national and international spokesmen in IT


Member of Iran's Electronics Engineering Association


Member of Iran's Management Association


Member of Telecommunication value add providers

Providing Cooperation in Three Technical fields mentioned above

Programming, strategic decision-making and implementation of start-ups


Strategic investment analysis in accelerators and start-ups


Policy-providing and policy-making for Big Market


Management of IT projects; IT organizations based on E-TOM


Service and organizational product management (marketing, sales, and implementation)


Management of service-based cases like VAS and IT organizations like Operators


Integration complex management in the field of content and service


Accelerator and start-up company management in Iran or other countries

Topics of Interest
How the survival and systems, organizations, and nations' development are (dynamism and mechanism of survival and development)
Strategic decision-making in all levels (staff, organization, and country)
Architecture and engineering of complex and mass systems
Political economics of development, social and economic development
Thinking technology (recognition, analysis, and decision- innovative, philosophical systematic and critical thinking)
Methodology (recognition of principles to solve and research)
Fields of interest

Strategic management of policy-making for IT organizations in the field of accelerators start-ups, and investment provision

Programing and strategy implementation

Project and general policy (national)

Strategic analysis investment

Implementation and development of new operative service in the base of 3G, 4G and LTE

Designing economic and social system model in start-ups

Re-engineering of organization

Analysis and design of systems and new services

Implementation and development of organization service of mobile operators for competitive marketing development

Five techniques of competition based on innovation funnel model

Engineering of market development decision

Strategic decision-making in market developing implementation approach


business management- University of Esfahan 


Computer (IT)
Armenian Academy of Sciences 


Media Management
Azad University 

Bachelor Degree

Telecommunication Engineering

Malek Ashtar University of Technology

Organizational and Economical Management
Yerevan National University

Master's Degree

Management Information System (MIS)
Azad University 

MBA- Free Higher Education Center

Master's Degree

International Economics Management
Tesla University of Ukraine

Chart of individual specialties
  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Business Development
  • Executive Management
  • Strategic Management
  • English
  • Farsi
  • Arabic
  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • MSP
  • HTML / CSS
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Analyzing
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Business Plan & Marketing Plan
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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